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0134 Wheelchair Clear Cover, Standard Size, 50/Roll Respiratory Set-up bag with vents
New Low Price! Clear Cover for Standard Wheelchairs, 50/Roll Standard bag with small vents, 11.75 x 15 inches, 500/bx
2414 "No Smoking, No Vaping" label, 150/roll 0132 Swivel Oxygen Connector, Green, 50/Pkg
Inclusive label addresses both smoking and use of electronic vaporizers. Label is 3 x 3 inches, a durable laminated label lasts longer than plain paper. New Low Price on ALL Swivel Connectors! Olive Green Swivel Oxygen Connector, 50/Pkg
225EST Equipment Status Tag, 100/pkg 7-47 Nose Clip with vented pads, 100/Pkg
White tag is 23/8 x 43/4 inches with an attached elastic string.
Perforated to allow easy indication of equipment status.
New Low Price! Nose clips with vented pads for comfort, 100/pkg