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Label is 1.5 x 2.5 inches, bright green with black text. 200/Roll
Special Low Introductory Price on this NEW item. Inclusive label addresses both smoking and use of electronic vaporizers. Label is 3 x 3 inches, a durable laminated label lasts longer than plain paper.
New Low Price! Connects oxygen tubing sized 5 mm to 7 mm, single patient use, disposable, 50/pkg New Low Price! Label is 3 x 3 inches, bright white with blue.
New Low Price! Nose clips with vented pads for comfort,single patient use, disposable, 100/pkg New! Clear Cover for equipment printed with "Clean, Ready for Use", 18 x 12 x 37, 150/Roll

Today's Super Deal!

6063 Zippered Mattress Cover, Standard, 12/Box

MES is offering FREE FREIGHT on boxes of our Standard Size
Vinyl Zippered Mattress Covers, Part#6063!

FDA listed. Zippered cover for standard hospital mattresses, 36 x 80 x 6 inches, 12/Box. Thick 4 gauge non-allergenic vinyl protects your valuable mattresses. Individually packaged within the box.